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About Us

Unimax Solutions is essentially a VoIP service provider. We do local and international, fixed and mobile call termination. Our rates are extremely competitive and we combine our years of experience with the best hardware and technologies to ensure quality of service without compromise.

Unimax also supply complete telecom solutions for small and medium businesses. We do intensive analyzes of the requirements and offer the best possible and most cost effective solution to all your Telecoms needs. We utilize the latest converged technologies available to offer you the best call rates and free reports with the highest quality of service.

The traditional LCR model with premicells are no longer cost-effective as interconnect rates are coming down and new technologies are becoming available. The market is moving fast to IP and converged technologies, Unimax uses the latest technology for all today’s telecom needs. We provide complete telecom solutions, from the best airtime rates to all hardware requirements for your business. Unimax specializes in analyzing cost and implementing a custom solution for the exact requirements.

Our mobile call rates are the most competitive in the market and bills per second from connection. Reports and billing information are available real-time, all the time. Unimax solutions is hassle free! There are No Contracts and our flexible solutions gives you all the benefits of a corporate VoIP service. Unimax therefore ensures that you save money on your operating costs by reducing calls to customers.

Unimax partners inludes Saicom Voice Services, one of the biggest VoIP providers in South Africa, Pluto Internet Services and various others.

The bottom line – Unimax save you lots of money on your telecom cost every month. Contact us today for a presentation and to obtain a proposal tailored to your business needs.


Unimax voice provides high quality voice calls at the best prices. Youcan save 30-50% on all outgoing calls. Incoming calls to our network is standard rate, unlike our competitors that charge premium rates to their numbers.


Small Companies

  • 1-Port / Line FXS / FXO Router
  • 2-Port / Line FXS Router

Medium Companies

  • 4-Port / Line FXS Router
  • 8-Port / Line FXS Router
  • Mikrotik (VoIP Prioritize Router)

Medium - Large Companies

  • 4-Port / Line FXS Router
  • 8-Port / Line FXS Router
  • Mikrotik (VoIP Prioritize Router)
  • Asterisk Server
  • Vibe Router

PBX Systems

Unimax Offers a large range of PBX systems suited specifically with the functionality for your needs. From a small business with a few users up to corporates. We also do hosted PBX systems


  • Samsung
  • NEC
  • Siemens
  • Alcatel-Lucent

Data and Lines

Unimax offers a comprehensive range of data packages. We also supply ADSL / VDSL / Fiber / DIdinet and wireless links depending on your business needs.



  • ADSL lines up to 10mb
  • Fiber lines up to 5mb
  • Wireless connections also available
    • Data

      • Shapped Packages
      • Local Packages
      • Uncapped Packages


Unimax IT support can assist your business to setup, manage and maintain your IT infrastructure. From PC maintaince and upgrades to virus protection, networking and backups.


  • Company IT support
  • Software upgrades
  • Computer service
  • Maleware removal
  • Virus removal
  • Computer upgrades
  • Computer repairs
  • Network installations
  • Company website designs
  • CCTV Security Installations

You will be abel to report a fault on our website here (You will recieve a reference number that you can use to folow up on your fault) or you can contact our office directly to report a fualt.

Unimax is proud to provide other business peopple the oppertunity to become a reseller with us. You will have to conntact us directly, afterwards you will recieve a reseller application form that must be filled in and send back to us. Creation of a reseller account takes up to 24 hours.

Per Second:
With the Per Second offering, a customer is billed on a per-second basis i.e. for every second of usage. In this way, the subscriber is able to control his talk-time and only pay for the precise usage time. This means that you pay for only what is used, thus enabling greater savings through an enhanced product offering.

Per Minute:
With the Per Minute offering, a customer is billed on a per-minute basis i.e. for the duration of a full minute even though the actual call duration was less than a minute. In this way, the subscriber pays a flat rate of e.g. R1.50 per minute for all voice/video calls at any-time of the day to any national mobile network. By using the illustration above, the same call would cost R 1, 50. This is because the actual usage time will always be expressed as full-duration minutes and charged according to the minute tariff.

At the momunt this service is unavailable, we are working hard to provide this to our clients. Number porting will be available shortly.

When purchasing hardware from Unimax Connect you will recieve a 1 year warranty on all our products. Warranty is voided when a non-natural event or in misuse of the product.

Quality and reliability were the two darkest spots on VoIP's reputation for the past years. Now, in many cases, gone are the days when using VoIP was like testing walkie-talkies! There has been much improvement. But still, people are very finicky about voice quality in VoIP because they are used for years to the impeccable quality of landline phones. Here are the main things that affect voice quality in VoIP and what can be done to maximize quality.

Your Internet connection always tops the list of factors affecting voice quality in VoIP conversations. The bandwidth you have for VoIP is the key for voice quality. For instance, if you have dial-up connection, don’t expect great quality. A broadband connection will work right, as long as it is not spotty, and not shared with too many other communication applications. Bandwidth dependency is besides one of the main drawbacks of VoIP

The VoIP hardware equipment you use can greatly impact on your quality. Poor quality equipment are normally the cheapest ones (but not always!). It is therefore always good to have as much information as possible on an ATA, router or IP phone before investing on it and starting to use it. Read reviews and discuss about it in forums. It might also be that the hardware you choose is the best in the world, but still you get problems - because you are not using hardware that suits your needs.

For an ATA/Router, you need to think of the following:

  • Compression technologies (codecs) supported
  • Echo cancellation, which is a mechanism for decreasing echo
  • Firewall and security support

Weather Conditions
At times, the voice is terribly distorted by something called static, which is a small 'dirty-weed' static electricity generated on broadband lines due to thunderstorms, heavy rain, strong gusts, electrical impulses etc. This static is not very much noticeable when you surf the net or download files, which is why we don’t complain about it when we use the Internet for data despite it be here; but when you are listening to voice, it becomes disturbing. It is easy to get rid of static: unplug your hardware (ATA, router or phone) and plug it back again. The static will be brought to naught. The effect of weather conditions on your connection is not something you can change. You can have some short-term relief in some cases, but most of the time, it is up to your service provider to do something. At times, changing the cables solves the problem completely.