Audio Problems

There are several factors that can cause audio issues and affect the quality of the voice transmission.  The network connection, bandwidth and latency all play a significant  role in a good VoIP connection. 

For the best conversations using a Softphone a headset and microphone should be used, which limits audio feedback. Some others include:

  • Pops during loud points in voice.  This can be a symptom of over-modulation.  Ask the other party to decrease  the volume on his microphone.
  • A large amount of background noise.  This can be corrected in most cases by adjusting the volume, using any Audio Wizard that your particular provider may offer.
  • Echo.  This symptom is usually reduced or eliminated by the use of a headset and adjusting the volume.
  • Poor or scratchy sound.  This is usually caused by latency on the network connection or packet loss, but could also be due to a bad network.
  • Choppy audio, almost like a staccato sound.  Insufficient bandwidth can result in this effect and will be even more pronounced on three-way conference calls or while files on the same network are being uploaded.  Increasing your ISP’s level of service (bandwidth) and/or changing the codec to one that uses more compression can greatly help this problem.