Bandwidth-Related Problems

oIP problems that are rooted to insufficient bandwidth allotment can be addressed by reconfiguring your router’s QoS. All modern routers allow access to the QoS, where an administrator can assign priorities to different types of applications.

  1. Decrease impeding equipment between your computer/SIP phone, and network connections. For instance, you should connect directly to your router/switch, instead of accessing the net via Wi-Fi.
  2. Check your equipment and wiring. Damaged ones can cause delays, which you may wrongly attribute as bandwidth-related.
  3. Do a power cycle to see if renewed connections can speed things up for you.
  4. Turn off all other applications, especially those that use up a lot of bandwidth, such as gaming apps.
  5. Set your QoS to allot top priority to Voice Applications. Deprioritize gaming and other similar apps.