Calling issues

If you have logged in successfully to Unimax service, and have a dial tone, but can’t make or receive calls, there are a few items that you can check.  Some of these would be:

  • Is the number you are calling a valid one?  Try another number, making sure you are dialing correctly according to your dialing plan.
  • Is the level of your  audio set and is your sound (speakers) working correctly?  Reset the audio by opening the Audio Wizard and following the steps.
  • Have you enabled the correct codec that will allow you a connection?

If you have a dial tone and can call out, but cannot hear the other party or cannot receive calls, and you have verified your audio settings, then there could be one of the following occurring:

  • Check that DND Do Not Disturb has not been inadvertently enabled.
  • Firewall or double NAT issues.

If DND is not enabled, try opening another application on top of your softphone, such as Internet Explorer.  Then call the softphone from another phone.  Does the Softphone rise to the forefront?  If so, then check for audio issues, as the signaling is getting to the phone.  If audio and DND is not the issue then double NAT could be the culprit.