Choppy Voice

The common cause of choppy voice in VoIP is insufficient bandwidth. This does not necessarily point to your internet service provider as the culprit; nor does it mean there’s too much traffic in your network. It could be that you have another bandwidth-eating application running. You might also be using the wrong compression code.

Remember that a two-way conversation eats up around 90 kbps for both upload and download. Test to confirm that your bandwidth usage is causing choppy voice in your VoIP service.

  1. Turn off all other computers connecting to your network.
  2. Test your bandwidth speed. There are several websites that offer this service free.
  3. Check your running applications for bandwidth usage.
  4. Test for malware and spyware. There are several free anti-malware software available online.
  5. Configure your router’s QoS to prioritize voice applications.