Connection Problems

Problems logging into the Unimax network can be the result of several problems, including authentication and connectivity.  “Login Timed Out” or “Cannot Log in to Server” can be error messages related to connectivity or not entering your correct username and password.  Three items that are obvious, but important are:

  • Internet Connectivity – Make sure you can display a webpage.
  • Using the correct username and password for the Softphone account
  • Disable any firewall on your computer.

Connection problems can occur for several other reasons, some of which can be caused by firewalls or secured networks, or double NAT issues. If this is your first time connecting from a new location, but have previously used your Softphone successfully in another location, then you may want to check your new network.  Many softphones have a firewall discovery and are intelligent about configuring themselves for various firewalls, but even then it is not uncommon to not be able to connect without additional help from the local network administrator.