There are different common causes of VoIP echo: acoustic, electromagnetic interference, and faulty equipment. Acoustic echo resides in the earpiece/speakers and mouthpiece of your phone; the earpiece volume is too loud and overpowers the mouthpiece. Electromagnetic echo occurs when your VoIP hardware is too close together. Bad equipment, on the other hand, creates “bounce back” from impedance variations.

To resolve VoIP echo issues, try these easy steps:

  1. Cover your phone’s mouthpiece. If the echo lessens, it means that you just need to turn down the volume of your earpiece/speakers.
  2. Move your router away from your computer’s monitor, CPU and power strip.
  3. Disconnect splitters and caller ID devices connected to your router and your phone.
  4. Inspect your system’s wiring. Make sure your cables are dry and not too long.
  5. Replace old equipment.
  6. Use a corded phone, instead of a cordless one.