Unimax Voice

Unimax provides a voice solution known as VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol), or in more common terms phone service over the Internet. If you have a reliable internet connection, such as Adsl, LTE or Fibre, you can get a phone service delivered through your internet connection.

Save on calls

With VoIP you have the ability to save up to 55% monthly on calls and line rentals. Which makes this solution hard to say no to.

Per Second Billing

We bill per second from the first second. No connection fee, no hidden costs. Only pay for the time you spent on the your call.

Call Rates

Why pay so much to call? Fuel in South Africa is already expensive enough!

Calls to a Mobile Phone Calls to a Landline
Unimax to Unimax FREE FREE
South Africa From R 0.33/minute From R 0.28/minute
United Kingdom (+44) From R 0.20/minute From R 0.15/minute
United States (+1) From R 0.20/minute From R 0.15/minute
Australia (+61) From R 0.55/minute From R 0.53/minute
New Zealand (+64) From R 0.95/minute From R 0.33/minute
Botswana (+267) From R 2.00/minute From R 1.30/minute
Namibia (+264) From R 1.11/minute From R 0.61/minute

Please note: This is just some of our popular destinations you can view all international call rates with the above link. Rates may change from time to time.
Last update 19 January 2019